An Extraordinary Culinary Journey

Our journey begins on June 15.  Join us as we travel the world through the culinary arts.

Illinois video is up!  Make sure to check it out!

After gaining some experience with our first two videos, and a fair amount of consideration, we have decided to post new meals every two weeks for the foreseeable future. 
While making the meals each week is easy, adding the time spent editing  the footage and preparing for the next week is simply too much pressure on our family for right now. 
We feel that a one week time frame does not allow us to produce material that meets the standards we are looking for.         
That being said, here are some changes that will be happening in the next couple weeks, and should be implemented before we upload our Illinois video.

                                                     First, we will be adding videos for each recipe independently.  In other words, we will still have full videos of the entire meal but will also have a video showing each dish separately.                                                                                                                               This will make it easier to search by specific recipe and you will have more freedom to mix and match dishes from various locations to create a dinner of your choosing.                                                                                Also, it will allow us to upload videos that are less than ten minutes in length, which should help us reach a wider audience,
as many people are hesitant to commit half an hour to something they are unfamiliar with,  but may be willing to watch a seven or eight minute video.

Second, I will be attempting to add sub-posts for each state that provide information on each recipe, so for those interested in learning more about the foods, that will be available.

Third, we will be implementing a donation site.  This will allow us to offer you some insight into our plans. We will be able to provide a more detailed explanation of the ways we intend to improve our quality, and you will get to follow along in the process so you can see how close we are to reaching each goal.  We plan to offer different levels of rewards for our patrons and hope to have another way to directly connect with those of you who enjoy what we produce.


Meal 1 – Ohio

June 15-22

Meal 3 – Indiana

June 29 – July 6

Meal 2 – Michigan

June 22-29

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Meal 4 – Illinois

July 6-13